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July 24, 2006

I'm pleased to announce the kayakerinme personal coin!

Well, it's actually five coins that fit together to create a panorama. It's not quite a puzzle coin. Each coin, or panel as I've been calling them, is an independent picture. When placed together they suggest the complete profile of Mt. Katahdin, Maine's highest peak.

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I'm not a Mainah and never will be as I grew up in Massachusetts. My parents came from Maine and we all moved back when I was in high school. I've now spent nearly two-thirds of my life here and though I've traveled through much of the US, I really can't imagine living anywhere else for very long.

I've had the pleasure of seeing all these Maine icons at one time or another. I've seen moose and loons while caching/kayaking and I had the rare privilege of visting a "bear's outhouse" as part of one multi-stage cache. I'll be doing some caching up by Mt. Katahdin this summer though I haven't climbed to the top of the mountain in many, many years. The pine cone is Maine's state flower and I see those all the time. The blue is the background color of the Maine State Flag.

The post office was kind enough to create the abbreviation for Maine as ME. I rather like that double-entendre this suggests. So, this coin is all about Me. :-)

In addition to geocoins, I also collect prints by the Bev Doolittle. I'm inspired by her artwork and the idea for the panel was inspired by several of her paintings including The Sacred Circle and The Earth Is My Mother. You can find out more about Bev's work here. (Links open in a new window.)

It's taken just shy of six months to get these coins. I worked with an artist at the beginning then with Coins and Pins through several iterations. The nose on the moose was particularly troublesome.

As for the coins themselves:
I've producing 25 Antique Copper sets, 50 Antique Gold sets, and 200* Antique Silver sets for a total of 275 sets or 1375 coins. In addition to the tracking number, Coppers are numbered from C001 - C025; Golds from G001 - G050; and Silvers from S001 - S200. All five are trackable on geocaching.com (so each set has five tracking numbers) with the "KM" prefix and a kayakerinme icon. The coins were done through Tess at Coins and Pins. These will only be traded as matched-number sets. Each coin is 1.75"/44mm tall. Except for the center coin, each coin is 1.75" wide at the box with the lettering. We had to make the center coin slightly narrower for the bulges so it is about 1.75"/44mm wide across the widest point. Overall width for the entire panel is 8.25"/210mm.

*Caveat: if there's demand I may choose to mint an additional 100 or 200 Antique Silver sets in 2006. "Demand" also includes my ability to scatter some of these in caches that I visit so my fellow geocachers in Maine will have something to look forward to.

Unlike many of the coins where the sale comes first and the remainder are traded, I will be accepting (and encouraging) trade offers first and any leftovers may be sold. My goal is to get as complete a collection of personal coins as possible and I figured the best way to do that is to bribe with five coins (unique and rather attractive ones at that, if you ask me) at a time.

These coins are not for profit! As in the "early" days, this is a labor of love. I think I'm being generous enough and I'm not making any money, not by a long shot. I'm requesting that the coins not be sold on eBay (or anywhere else) whether they arrive at your door via a trade or by purchase or you bring them home from a cache. If you find yourself thinking about selling, please give me the opportunity to get the set back from you.

In order to keep my life and inbox manageable over the next few weeks, I've prepared some guidelines:

First and foremost, I'll only trade one set per collector. At roughly $29/set, I'm not going to be trading 5 sets for 5 coins. I might have a few screws loose, but I haven't lost them all (yet). If you have multiple coins, I will trade a Gold or a Copper set, but only one set per collector.

If you have your own personal metal coin that you'd like to trade, I'll give that preference over someone else offering to trade the same coin. In many cases I've already purchased regular and LE coins so please check my trading list on cointracking.com.

My goal is to have a geocoin collection that's as complete as possible including as many metals as are available.


If you have a personal coin and you have one or two metals, I'll trade a Silver set. Feel free to throw in a couple more coins (yours or others) that I can release into the wild.

If you have a personal coin of more than two metals, you can get a Gold (or maybe even a Copper) set. Again, if you wish, feel free to send a couple more that I can release.

For non-personals, I'd prefer to get more than one coin in trade, though once again, this is a guideline and I may do a trade for one hard-to-find coin.

I will also consider trades for coins that I already have if you're willing to put up 4-5. I have nearly 100 coins already floating around with the Grand Experiment and others that I've released around New England. More duplicates means more coins in the wild!

It's not a requirement that you trade 5 coins. If you only have a couple (especially if they are your personals), that might work too :-).

Of course, these are just guidelines and I'm free to not follow them :-)

To propose a trade, please send an email to trade@kayakerinme.com. I'll get back with you just as quickly as I can manage, but probably within a day or two at the most. (I will be away from 7/28-7/30 for a caching event GCWAYX and will not have access to a computer then. Emails sent during this time will be replied to on 7/31 & 8/1.)


When I first started out, I didn't have anything to trade and as a result, I missed out on some coins. I wasn't happy about it but there wasn't anything I could do. I recognize this in other geocoin collectors and understand that my own collection is now pretty large - you may not have anything to trade. I highly encourage you to find something to trade. For example, I will accept trade offers "for a coin to be named later" as there are always new coins coming out. I won't send them to you until we have a deal and I know what's coming but I will set them aside.

UPDATE: September 1, 2006, Trading is going well enough that I'm not going to be selling sets. To trade for this, you must spend your money elsewhere and get 3-4 unactivated trackable coins (they can be the same) that you can trade for a 5-piece antique silver set. These coins may duplicate those I already have listed as keepers.

My Coin Trading List at cointracking.com

Some coins I seek